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Why is instagram one of the top marketing tools in the world?


According to Statista, Instagram is reported to having 1Billion active users. Over the years, Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses of any size and type. It is one of the most well known social platform to date and it keeps growing by the day.

How would Instagram actually be used as a marketing tool?

Instagram offers several tools which can help content creators get super creative and think outside the box. Some of its best features are: Instagram stories, reels, IGTV, analytics stats page, business account options as well as several other tools that could be used as a marketing strategy for your business.

Instagram stories is one of the best features to date! This feature enables people to submit as many stories as they like in the form of pictures or videos. These vanish after 24 hours and more can be posted whenever you like. Instagram stories has been introduced in 2016 and more than 500 million instagrammers use stories daily.

One of the great features of using instagram is that it enables you to set up a business profile. Essentially what this does is, it tells the platform that you’re using Instagram for marketing purposes and therefore taylors the options and functions to your advantage. The instagram business profile option also gives you access to options that personal instagram accounts don't have.

What kinds of functions could you use to your advantage for marketing purposes?

Instagram marketing offers businesses endless opportunities and is extremely beneficial in the long run. Many instagram marketing user's favorite tool is instagram stories. This is because Instagram stories enables content creators and brands to be as creative and original as they can and thus improving their brand awareness and audience retention. Instagram stories also enable content creators to see analytics and the overall performance of their posts and the impact that they are having. They showcase detailed data analytics which could be very insightful.

Content scheduling is also a very crucial aspect of Instagram. When brands pulish unplanned content, this could have a negative impact on their social presence and overall damage their follower growth. This could have a negative impact in the long run and therefore affecting the overall brand reputation and audience interest.

Instagram also offers features such as " Instagram Live" , Instagram polls, questions, countdowns, quizz and many more features which could be used as content strategy in order to improve follower growth and the overall quality of a brand's social presence.

Instagram is a great way to boost your social media performance and enhance the overall brand awareness of your business. The analytics tools are a great addition which give brands and content creators a clear outline of their social media performance and what they need to improve on in the future.


What is the best thing to post?

The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong things to post. However with that being said, the main thing is how your types of content reach the right people and if your visual content is appealing enough to get viewers to interact with your posts.

There isn't one specific post you can post on social media platforms and hope for the best. its extremely important to take into account that social media posts need to be visually appealing, insightful and interactive. The types of content you post can vary, however given the nature of instagram and the possibilities and tools offered make the overall social media marketing aspect much more convenient.

When it comes to posting on social media platforms, there are loads of external resources and tools that you can use in order to better your content. Some of these are apps such as canva, mojo, preview and many others which can boost the look of your social media profiles and grow your follower count. Considering Instagram has such a high amount of monthly users, having good looking content will help your brand get noticed quickly and more effectively.

Content scheduling is an important factor when it comes to marketing your brand/business. This is because your content will be much more prepared and well thought out. This will have a noticeable difference in the long run and the overall look and feel of your social accounts will look much more appealing and interesting.

A very well known " favourite tool " that instagrammers love to use is an app called Preview. Preview lets you plan content scheduling your posts and create a well balanced feed with an attracting aesthetic. The reason as to why this is a favorite tool is because its simple, effective and free to use!

Here's the link to check it out:

There is also the possibility of purchasing a premium package which enables you to see detailed data analytics if you feel this is necessary. However, with that being said, Instagram already offers detailed data analytics for free within the app.

Overall, Instagram marketing is a very important factor to consider when striving to obtain a successful business which will attract the right people. There are also other social media sites which can be useful for marketing such as facebook, facebook groups, twitter and many others however Instagram is the top one by far in this current moment.

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