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Top digital marketing facts, and how they could benefit you

On this blog, we will share with you the TOP digital marketing facts, and how to use them to your advantage and gain benefits from them. This information could go a long way for your brand and affect you in multiple positive ways.

"Google gets more than 77,000 searches every second."

This specific fact could benefit your brand in many ways and the meaning behind it can establish how important it really is to keep this in mind when introducing digital marketing within your niche and online experience overall.

This fact specifically highlight the fact that there are several internet users daily and you could use this information in order to come up with an effective content marketing strategy.

One of the ways you could apply this knowledge to your brand is by considering a website. Essentially, by having a website for your brand, it really puts your overall business and services into the right spotlight and because there are so many active users on Google alone, you will enable your brand to be found through these several searches and thus driving a strong online traffic and ultimately boosting your online presence.

This is a very simple yet effective form of marketing which will enhance your social marketing efforts as well as help you to appear on the google search more often each time depending on your quality of content.

"72% of online marketers consider high-quality content creation as the most efficient SEO tactic."

This fact holds a lot of meaning as it is quite crucial and keeping it in mind and applying it to your marketing activities will help you up your game.

High quality content as well as visually appealing content can bring in potential clients as well as boost organic traffic. When your content stands out from the rest, your business is bound to succeed and thus leading to great results and hitting marketing goals in the long run.

It is important to keep your social media accounts updated frequently and posting great original content and relevant on these is a key component to attracting loyal customers.

Online consumers love original and helpful content. There are many key points to keep in mind when thinking of quality content. Here are some listed below:

- Sticking to your common house style

- Making sure your mobile marketing is accessible

- Customer experience friendly

- Video content

- Having a marketing plan

- Posting on a daily basis if possible

- Relevant content

- Visual content

- Promotional content

- Offering a positive experience

These are just some of many things to consider and by implementing these points into your online marketing, then you will boost customer experiences as well as delight customers and audience members.