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Most common digital marketing misconceptions.

During this current digital era, many digital marketing misconceptions as well as common myths have been brought up over time and thus sometimes causing confusion within the world of digital marketing.

There are many misconceptions out there which are shifting the correct focus for digital marketing confusing and thus affecting small businesses as well as larger businesses too.

Just as upGrad Blog say, "Digital marketing misconceptions and myths often bog down this useful marketing tool. While digital marketing is a necessity for a business to sell its products and services online, the misconceptions surrounding it often hold back business owners from engaging online and maximizing returns." This statement is definitely accurate and discussions based around the same and or similar topics have really sparked up some questions as well as confusion for many businesses, brand and business owners.

"Digital marketing is only for big businesses."

One of the main digital marketing misconceptions is that digital marketing is supposedly only for big businesses. This couldn't be any further from the truth since digital marketing is beneficial for any size business. In order to sell your products, you don't necessarily need a physical shop. To add to that, digital marketing and the Technology behind it has really been improving over the most recent years. It has become easier than ever to market your business and brand with the help of many digital tools which are easily accessible as well as free. Marketing skills can also be mastered in a much more effective way with the help of social media guides and online tools.

"Criticism on social media can be considered harmful to businesses and brands."

Another common and mythical misconception is that criticism can be harmful to a brand or business. If anything, criticism is one of the key points which could help a brand connect with its customers and present brand loyalty as well as improve from the feedback of customers. The idea of constructive criticism is a brilliant aspect for a business as it offers many areas for improvement and in the most organic and realistic way to which it ends up being beneficial to customers as well as the business itself and its reputation.

"Having just one social media profile is enough."

This is another example of a common digital marketing misconception which seems to present itself more often than we would like it to. We have been given a generous amount of digital tools and platforms to take advantage of in order to promote our products and business in the most interesting and tactical ways- the best part of this is that it's free! So, realistically why wouldn't we want to take advantage of all of these great tools that we have access to? Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as some of the greatest example when it comes to great social media platforms which would be used as a digital marketing tool amongst many others such as Youtube and TikTok.