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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

It's no question that marketing as a whole is a HOT topic, however with our intelligence growing over the years, the marketing industry has advanced in more ways than one and with the introduction of Digital Marketing, businesses have the opportunity of growing more effectively than ever before.

We are enabled to use a mix of digital marketing as well as a traditional method in order to perfect the correct balance of getting our services to the right people in the most effective way. This would be a successful marketing strategy and can result in great achievements.

Digital marketing has a lot of benefits in itself and there are many categories that come within. You can use things like social media marketing, online marketing, social media ads, email marketing, search engines, blog posts and many more.

Whilst with Traditional marketing, you can use things like print advertising, telemarketing, b2c marketing, word of mouth, c2c marketing, and generally offline marketing as a way of clever targeting.

Using social media platforms could help you reach your target audience much more effectively and could boost your customer base too!

Using traditional advertising will make it harder for you to reach your target customers however you will have a more direct approach with people. You can create print ads as its counted as a form of traditional marketing but you don't have as much control over who receives your content.

The average cost of marketing traditionally could be higher as it can cost anywhere between £240 to £30000 to market your services with the daily mail for instance.

On the other hand, whilst marketing on your online platforms, you can expect to pay nothing in a lot of cases whilst using platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, however you could also expect to pay if you want more of a higher reach and that could go from just as little as £1 to millions if necessary but this is very rare.

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing has a lot of pros and cons amongst each other, however introducing cost efficiency and creative forms of advertising, you can definitely make use of both forms of marketing to your types of marketing for extra exposure.You could also get some help from a digital marketing agency where they will offer digital marketing services which could boost your digital marketing techniques and improve your social media posts as well as keep on top with your marketing activities.

There are also traditional marketing channels out there which could help you understand more of how it operates and how you could improve your traditional marketing methods in order to boost your brand. You can find your best form of marketing in order to benefit you the most and maximise results. You can also involve yourself with other digital marketing channels as well as digital marketing campaigns which could be quite beneficial.

There are many digital marketing tactics out there which could be marketing budget friendly and therefore boost your overall digital space. Just make sure to post valuable content on your digital platforms in order to maximise your effective marketing potential and reach a larger audience.

Make sure to check out our Instagram in order to learn more about what we do and our tips n tricks for digital marketing at @shineonlineuk.

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