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Biggest Marketing Myths of 2021

It's no questions that in this current digital era, there are many digital marketing myths flying about and getting in the way of many businesses and brand owners. Here are some of the biggest marketing myths of 2021.

1. " One social media profile is enough."

It is said by many that just one social media profile is enough to market your business/brand properly however, this could not be further from the truth. Having just one social platform will majorly impact the growth and reach of your overall brand. It is common that having multiple social media platforms will boost your overall reach and thus making your social presence much stronger. Posting quality content on more than just one of your platforms will benefit your exposure and brand social presence significantly. One social media channel will not be adequate enough to get the most out of your services being presented to as many audience members as possible. It is important to implement your marketing effort across more than just one social platform.

2. " You can post at any time of day on social media."

There are specific times which is best to post on social media as as statistically proven. Platforms such as Instagram and facebook offer tools which could show insightful information in regards to how well your content is doing and how the time it was posted at affects it. This is a great marketing tool to make use out of as it will enable you to revise your areas for improvement. Posting at any time of the day can negatively impact your engagement and organic traffic as people are not on social media ta ll times of the day. For example, people are much less likely to be online on Instagram at 4am in the morning in comparison to 12pm on a friday. This means that posting at 12pm on a friday would drive more organic traffic to your post and boost your engagement rate due to the right time schedule.

Of course, posting on relevant content on a regular basis is very important as it could reach your target customers much more quickly and effectively. This could bring in potential customers and overall meet your business goals.

3. "Managing multiple social media accounts is easy, I can do it all myself."

A successful social media campaign and social presence doesn't just appear overnight. A lot of time, dedication, coordination and planning is spent in ensuring that your business is reaching its target customers correctly. A busy company owner could spend this valuable time running the business and just ensure that someone can direct their full attention to running a successful social media campaign and reach branding goals effectively.

4. " Only young people use social media"

This is far from the truth as the current digital age is becoming more and more utilized as time passes. Here are some marketing statistics to bust this common myth: 40% of internet users age 46 to 55 are on LinkedIn by the end of 2020; roughly 55% of Facebook users are over the age of 35 as of 2021; and in 2019, over 80% of 45-64 year old U.S. internet users watched videos on YouTube.

These facts and statistics prove exactly that young people aren't the only ones who use social media and there is a more detailed traffic source than just that. Audience demographics are much more detailed and extensive than just one specific type.